About Me

Motivation // What Drives Me

I am a life-long learner with a renewed interest in political activism and social justice. I hope to inspire future generations, students, and marginalized communities to take charge and reshape our future. I have recently discovered a passion for writing -- through this newfound passion, I aspire to lend a voice to the silenced.

Background // Education

I attended the University of South Florida, where I attained my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. My undergraduate coursework afforded me internship opportunities with hands-on and in-depth working knowledge of the political process. These include working for a sitting-U.S. Senator and working for a minority-owned law firm that specializes in legislative affairs. I continued my educational career at Wilmington University, where I recently earned my Master's of Science in Management with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. Today, I continue to pursue my passion for learning at the University of Florida, studying Journalism and Mass Communications.

Blog // Purpose

This blog serves as an archive for my blog-style writing assignments.